Bill Gates joke

A salesman goes into the airport lounge to meet a client who is on a
stopover. He arrives early to get a good booth. Right away he notices
that a man sitting at the bar is none other than Bill Gates. Suddenly
he gets an idea.
He walks over to him and says, “Excuse me Mr. Gates. I know you are a
busy man but I’m meeting a very important client here and if you could
just give me a ‘Hello Dave!’ when he arrives, it would really help me
Bill Gates replies, “Sure, no problem Dave.”
“Thanks. I really appreciate it.”
He then goes back to his booth. Soon his client arrives and they begin
talking business. A few minutes later the salesman feels a tap on his
shoulder. He turns and sees Bill Gates standing beside him.
“Hey! How’s it going Dave?”
The salesman says, “Fuck off Gates. I’m in a meeting”.